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Philip's passion for the ocean, outdoor adventure and wildlife has been life-long. When his parents returned from a trip to New York in 1990 with a brand new video camera, a whole new avenue for personal fulfilment opened up for Philip.


He first entered the water with an underwater-stills camera rig in 2014. The images of waves he was able to produce inspired him to push boundaries with photography, resulting in some of the stunning images you see in the 'waves & oceans' portfolio. Some years later he was invited to photograph Formula 1 motorsport - another long-term personal goal.

We hope you enjoy the images and experiences Philip has gone to great lengths to share with you...

passion project

passion project details

In 2019 Philip travelled to the rural regions of Uganda in support of an established micro-finance program. Though the locals live in humble circumstances, Philip was especially moved by the children’s vibrance and vitality within the rural communities. This tour inspired Philip to make his photography available to others with profits going back into these communities. 


We hope that the images you see of rural Uganda will also move you to make a positive impact. By purchasing the beautiful images displayed on the emerald pictures site, you will, indeed, be improving the lives of these precious children. 


Some of the current projects include essentials, like: the building of a latrine and providing greater access to clean water for the Faith Nursery & Primary School in Iganga, Uganda - a Metamorphic program.


Thanks for helping us restore dignity and impacting these young lives!

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